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Ultra-high power (UHP) graphite electrode
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Ultra-high power (UHP) graphite electrode

Product description

The project is located in Tianpishan Metallurgical & Chemical Industrial Park, Chahar Right Front Banner, Ulanqab. The combination of Bohai Bay Economic Zone and Hohhot-Baotou-Yinchuan Economic Zone is an important node for the development of Inner Mongolia. It has a convenient transportation, close to Tsining District where Ulanqab City Government is located, 40 kilometers from Ulanqab Tsining Airport, and 15 kilometers from Ulanqab Railway Station, with G110, G6 Expressway, G208, 208 Expressway, Beijing-Baotou Railway, Tsining-Erenhot Railway, Tsining-Tongliao Railway, Kalgan-Tsining Railway, G7 Expressway, Zhunxing Heavy Haul Expressway and Xingtuo Heavy Haul Expressway across the area, forming a transportation network extending in all directions, which greatly shortens the time and distance for customs clearance and sailing at Chahar Right Front Banner coupled with reticulate interactive country roads. 

Location Advantages

Business segments


The company is a large-scale scientific and technological carbon enterprise integrating production, management and research & development, which is currently communicating with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Inner Mongolia University and Hunan University to establish an industry-university-research consortium and a research & development base of carbon technology. The company has a designed annual output of 80,000 tons of UHP graphite electrode and 20,000 tons of new carbon materials. According to the current market price, it has a sales revenue up to RMB 6 billion, with a profit tax of about RMB 800 million.


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